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Download e-book for iPad: Basketball's 1-4 Motion Offenses for Men's and Women's by Harry L.Mike Harkins, etc.

By Harry L.Mike Harkins, etc.

ISBN-10: 0585054436

ISBN-13: 9780585054438

ISBN-10: 1571672737

ISBN-13: 9781571672735

Publication by means of Harkins, Harry L.Mike, and so forth.

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Page 42 Diagram 4-10: Pop cut Diagram 4-11: Post screen away Diagram 4-12: (5) Seal and (4) pop cut away Play #2: The Backdoor Continuity The scouting report on the inside triangle motion always says deny the reversal and/or deny the wings. The Backdoor Continuity takes advantage of this defensive ploy. Diagram 4-13 shows (1), whose team is running the Inside Triangle Variation No. 1 Motion, pass to (2) and screen away for the offside post (5). Diagram 4-14 shows (2) unable to pass to (4), so the pass is made to (5) at the point, who also looks inside to (4) on a seal move.

If (2) is not open, (2) continues across the lane and loops around (3)'s downscreen and to the wing (see Diagram 2-20). (3), the second side screener, then cuts to the post area to form the wedge with (4). From there, (5) may pass to either wing and repeat the pattern. Page 23 Diagram 2-20: Wedge reset Pressure Relievers When (2) and (3) are having trouble getting open for an entry pass from (1), they may do so by looping over, under, or through the wedge (see Diagrams 2-21, 2-22, and 223). When going over or under, (2) and (3) should go "left hand to left hand" (or viceversa) on the cut to avoid running into each other on the cuts.

If the first cutter is weak in the post, the wing should immediately pass to the point and screen down for that cutter in the post. The Post Players The offside post is in charge of timing. That post stays in the wedge until the passing wing has exhausted all options. If the offside post get to the point too soon, the defender may be able to prevent or overplay the point pass to him/her. If Page 28 the offside post is late on the cut, the passing wing may get tied up, have the ball stolen or throw the ball away.

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Basketball's 1-4 Motion Offenses for Men's and Women's Basketball (Art & Science of Coaching) by Harry L.Mike Harkins, etc.

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