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Download PDF by Jamie Whyte: Bad Thoughts: A Guide to Clear Thinking

By Jamie Whyte

ISBN-10: 0954325532

ISBN-13: 9780954325534

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So familiar is this line of thought that the last part may now be omitted. Just say you have many black friends and everyone will take the lazy and violent bit as read. This approach to the question of racial characteristics is only reasonable. The reasonable man recognises the strength of the case for the contrary view. You don't just blunder in, pointing out that every black you've ever met is a fiend. To conclude on the basis of such experience that they are an evil bunch would display the worst kind of bigotry.

It's a pretty cheap play on the word 'uncertain'. But for those who swallow this pill the rest of Supernature will no doubt be passed quite comfortably. Or Watson's flirtation with the Uncertainty Principle attempts to draw on a vague but widespread idea that, by being strange but true, quantum physics has shown that normal standards of coherence and observational evidence are obsolete in PREJUDICE IN FANCY DRESS 33 science. We have already noted that the obsolescence of a standard confers no support for opinions that do not meet it.

Perhaps his paper, unlike its synopsis, was a model of clarity, full of big ideas about the Bard. I will remain forever in the dark on the matter, since I now make it a policy never to attend academic literature seminars. Most of you readers will also attend few, even if not by policy. Yet this will not have saved you from the many popular mutilations of language which serve to obscure the message or the fact that there isn't one. Such language abounds in business, politics, and academia - wherever people have an interest in sounding as though they are cleverer and more cram-packed with insight and good ideas than really they are.

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Bad Thoughts: A Guide to Clear Thinking by Jamie Whyte

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