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By Robert Gimello

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The quantity approximately Avatamsaka Buddhism in East Asia is the results of a symposium prepared in France in 2008. 15 contributions mirror the methods of manifestation and of expression of Huayan doctrines in numerous nation-states and at varied sessions. in comparison with prior necessary reviews, the current quantity intends to open broader views, to offer the chance to enhance opened problematics, according to fundamental resources, textual and iconological. The Avatamsaka doctrines have built specific methods of expression and paradigms at the chinese language soil, as a sinized Buddhism, they're stated to have accomplished a philosophical revolution within the heritage of Mahayana: absolutely the isn't the target of the philosophical and soteriological inquiry, yet its aspect of departure. the realm isn't just an phantasm to be transcended yet a manifestation of this very Absolute. The Avatamsaka will be obvious because the spine of influencial currents, the Chan or Zen, the Tiantai or Tendai, the Ritualistic Buddhism, the natural Land teachings, in addition to the tune reports. The renewal of problematics on background of faith within the some distance East zone, because the so-called mixed scheme at the same time philosophical (exoteric) and ritualist (esoteric), supplies a desiring to the procedure of Avatamsaka present as universal denominator associated from China until eventually the Qitan zone to Korea and Japan.

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This text forms a part of the colophon at the end of Chapter 2, which corresponds to Si and Tib. Bu has a different chapter division, and its chapter does not end here. 24 23 From the beginning of the sutra to the passage corresponding to folio no. 28 or 3 82, Si contains 99 or 1295 segments in the TaishO edition and Tib. covers 96 or 1 560 folios in the Peking edi­ tion. 6; 1 295/99"'1 3 . 25. 24 For a comparative table of chapter division in Bu, Si, Tib. and a Sanskrit manuscript which Zhiyan i§l� (602-668) investigated at the temple Daci' ensi *�}gt'i't, see Kimura 1 992: 6-7.

94a7 : mnon par bab par gyur to. 1 07 Restore: sa[rv}ba[t](athiigata) ; Tib. 94a7 : de biin gsegs pa thams cad. 1 0 8 Lines ry to v4 : verses; lines vI and v2 are probably written in vasantatilaka metre. 1 0 9 Restore: samadhigoca[rj(a)pra[v}e(sa) ; Tib. 94b 1 : tin 'dzin yul la 'jugs pa. 1 1 0 lust. pI. masc. in -ebhi (see BHSG 8: I l l ) . 1 1 1 Restore: (ya)thiisay[a}nam * ; Tib . 94b 5 : bsam p a biin duo 1 1 2 lust. pI. masc. in -ebhi (see BHSG 8: I l l ) . 1 1 3 Restore: [buj(ddha) ; Tib.

Restore : (da)sadise. Lines r l -8 and rl 0-1 3 are written in anu$tubh metre. Probably acc. sg. masc. in -a (see BHSG 8 : 3 1 , 34). darsenti for darsayanti (see BHSG 3: 62). k$etravicara darsenti: an uneven pada (pathya) in anu$tubh. SANSKRIT FRAGMENTS OF THE B UDDHAVA TAlyfSAKA FROM CENTRAL ASIA r2 r3 r4 r5 r6 r7 r8 r9 rIO rl l rI2 r13 r 1 47 5 r15 rI6 rI 7 rI 8 62 63 64 65 66 67 68 69 70 7! 72 73 74 75 76 77 78 79 80 8! 82 83 84 25 dharmadhatu[ca] . ] etr[al,l] . + III pravarttati [ek] . [n] .

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