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By Marco Romoli

ISBN-10: 0443068666

ISBN-13: 9780443068669

This identify relies on 5000 auricular acupuncture observations made in either fit matters and in sufferers plagued by quite a few ailments. The author's purpose is to supply physicians and therapists with an cutting edge diagnostic version, giving them the potential for a fuller knowing in their sufferers.

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2 cm. 14 ms produced by the computer could be recorded with two or three peaks by a miniaturized microphone in the external acoustic meatus (Fig. 4A, B). Of 53 people (106 ears) placed in a noiseless room, 14% showed two peaks and 86% three peaks. 05). These data confirmed the evidence that the human ear can actually localize sounds in space without moving the pinna. Burchard’s second hypothesis was that the three peaks could correspond to three different anatomical paths covered by the sound wave transmitted to the external meatus (Fig.

Therefore the sensory fibers coming from the lower limb are separated in the ascending pathways from those coming from the upper limb, trunk or head and it is logical to find such precise topographic organization within the spinal cord, the thalamus and mainly the cortex. When we touch our big toe, we have the feeling of a very precise local action, but the neural signal processing takes place more than 1 m or more away, within the brain cortex. That explains the very precise cutaneous projection on the post-central gyrus of the parietal lobe (sensory keyboard) with the body scheme, which is statodynamic according to the loop joining the motor keyboard of area 4 and the sensory keyboard of areas 3a and b, 1, 2 and 5.

49 50 Auricular acupuncture diagnosis Set I Fig. 17 Set II The transcription exercise: set I of points on the left; set II on the right. 001) and their proportions on the three different parts of the ear. The conclusions of the above evaluation (submitted for publication) are as follows: The regular use of the sectogram allows practitioners to transcribe the site of auricular points and areas more precisely. 17 POINT ZERO AND THE ‘PRINCIPLE OF ALIGNMENT’ ACCORDING TO PAUL NOGIER The SG is based on point 0 which was considered by Nogier to be the geometrical center of the ear.

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