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Wer erinnert sich nicht an die scherzhafte Aufgabe, die beiden Satze Der Miiller mahlt. Der Maler malt. in einen Satz zusammenzufassen und niederzuschreiben? Wer gerat nicht ins Stocken, wenn er die shape er gibt (oder: er giebt? ) schreiben will und ihm einfiillt, daB ergiebig doch mit ie geschrieben wird?

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Curiously, the rule given for the latter is to divide by two the product of the lengths of the two shortest sides. For instance for the 3:4:5 triangle t(3 x 4) == 6. 16. c. less than one per cent). A good value for n had a pay-off in terms of temple tribute, because a cylinder open at one end is a convenient shape for a container in which to measure grain, oil, or wine. An achievement in measurement of volume recorded in the papyrus now in Moscow is more remarkable and less obviously-if at all-usefuL Before the completion of Stonehenge, the Egyptian temple computers could correctly calculate the volume of a whole or truncated pyramid.

On the other hand, the Aubrey holes are as near as may be equally spaced. Oddly enough there are 56 of them. To layout 32 or 64 equally spaced pits by the peg and rope method (pp. 48-54) of the temple architects of antiquity would be simple to accomplish by successive bisection of 4 right angles with a common apex; but to layout 56 pits as equally spaced as the Aubrey holes is a far more sophisticated performance. The difficulty of the under- Pyramids and Temples 37 21 taking tempts us to ask what end the architects had in VIew.

Of these three, two faced sunset on midsummer day, one greeted midwinter sunrise. The great temple of the sun in Peking, China, greets the rising sun of the winter solstice. On a plain near Thebes in South Egypt with faces turned towards sunrise on that day were two colossal images of the Pharaoh Amen-hetep III. Each was 60 feet high and cut from a single rock. The step pyramids of Mexico, like the ziggurats, were observatory temples. The step pyramids of Egypt and their smooth-faced successors at Gizeh were essentially burial mounds for di vine Kings: bu t each was in close propinquity to a temple devoted to his worship in the east-west axis of the latter.

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Astronomer Priest and Ancient Mariner (The Beginnings of Science) by LANCELOT HOGBEN

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