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Animal Modernity: Jumbo the Elephant and the Human Dilemma - download pdf or read online

By Susan Nance

ISBN-10: 1137562072

ISBN-13: 9781137562074

ISBN-10: 1349850837

ISBN-13: 9781349850839

The idea that of 'modernity' is principal to many disciplines, yet what's modernity to animals? Susan Nance solutions this question via a thorough reinterpretation of the lifetime of Jumbo the elephant. within the Eighteen Eighties, shoppers, the media, zoos, circuses and taxidermists, and (unknowingly) Jumbo himself, remodeled the elephant from an orphan of the worldwide ivory exchange and zoo captive right into a distracting overseas famous person. electorate on continents imaged Jumbo as a sentient person and puppy, yet have been aghast whilst he died in an commercial twist of fate and his continues to be have been absorbed through the taxidermic and animal rendering industries reserved for nameless animals. The case of Jumbo uncovered the 'human limitation' of recent residing, in which humans celebrated person animals to manage or distract themselves from the wholesale slaughter of animals required by means of smooth consumerism.

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Arrived 10 o’clock Sunday morning. The special car built for Jumbo could not stand the strain of his enormous weight and the running gear gave way on arrival. This was repaired during the week. Monday, May 22nd. Y. Scott, Jumbo’s keeper, returned to the show cured of the injuries inflicted on him by Jumbo accidentally pressing him against the side of his car. Saturday, June 17th. Boston, Ma. Saturday being Bunker Hill day, ... m. in the pond at Boston common. 0007 Jumbo: Tourist and Consumer 45 Wednesday, August 2nd.

Booming urbanization concentrated consumers in cities and swiftly developing industrial processes made processing and distribution of animal products quicker and cheaper in the decades Jumbo was on display in London. Both trends drove demand for animals and their derivative products in, particular here, elephant ivory. Often described by historians as the “plastic of its age,”108 African elephant ivory directly connected British consumers to the ongoing slaughter in Jumbo’s homeland. 0006 32 Animal Modernity parts of the continent, African hunters had adapted to the opportunities presented by foreign access to the region in order to facilitate harvesting animals and their parts, a trade that was at once a commerce in raw materials and in proto-touristic entertainment.

69. See also, Baratay and Hardouin-Fugier, Zoo, 78–79, 83. Bartlett, Wild Animals in Captivity, 24–25. , 45–46. Holder, Ivory King, g 65. Regarding Bartlett’s public discussion of Jumbo as a future hazard, see for instance, “Jumbo,” Times of London, March 9, 1882. “Jumbo and His Friends,” London Telegraph, February 23, 1882. Nance, Entertaining Elephants, 58. Jolly, Jumbo, 74–75. Nance, Entertaining Elephants, 172–73, 182. “ ‘Jumbo’ and Barnum,” Reynold’s Newspaper, February 26, 1882. “Occasional Notes,” Pall Mall Gazette, February 21, 1882.

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Animal Modernity: Jumbo the Elephant and the Human Dilemma by Susan Nance

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