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Download e-book for iPad: Analytical Mechanics of Space Systems (AIAA Education) by Hanspeter Schaub, John L. Junkins

By Hanspeter Schaub, John L. Junkins

ISBN-10: 1563475634

ISBN-13: 9781563475634

This unmarried resource presents a complete therapy of dynamics of aerospace structures beginning with the elemental basics. subject matters variety from simple kinematics and dynamics to extra complicated celestial mechanics. It publications you thru a few of the derivations and proofs, yet avoids "cookbook" formulation. in its place, the reader is made to appreciate the underlying precept of the concerned equations and proven easy methods to observe them to numerous dynamical structures. The booklet is split into components. half I covers analytical therapy of subject matters similar to easy dynamic rules as much as complicated power inspiration. precise recognition is paid to using rotating reference frames that frequently ensue in aerospace platforms. half II covers uncomplicated celestial mechanics treating the 2-body challenge, constrained 3-body challenge, gravity box modelling, perturbation tools, spacecraft formation flying, and orbit transfers.

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The plane on which the particles are moving is level compared to the gravity field. Thus, given an initial velocity and ignoring frictional effects, the particles will continue to move at a constant rate. Assume that the two circular paths meet tangentially at one point. We would like to investigate how the velocities will change if the particles meet at this point at time t0 . This condition is shown in grey in the figure. 7: Illustration of two Particles Moving in a Circular Manner on a Level Plane while the angular momentum H along the plane normal direction is − − H(t− 0 ) = R1 m1 v1 (t0 ) + R2 m2 v2 (t0 ) Assuming the collision is perfectly elastic, then both the total energy and angular momentum are conserved.

The rocket is assumed to be flying through an atmosphere with an ambient pressure Pa . At the point where the exhaust gases escape the engine nozzle the exhaust pressure is given by Pe . 9: A One-Stage Rocket Expelling a Propellant Particle ∆m with an Ambient Atmosphere pa . We would like to develop the thrust vector that the rocket engine is exerting onto the spacecraft. To do so, we utilize Eq. 101) which state that the external force F exerted onto a system of particles or a continuous body is equal time rate of change in linear momentum.

83) Making use of Eqs. 84) The first term in Eq. 84) represents the translational kinetic energy and the second the rotational and deformational energy. To find the work done on the continuous body B the kinetic energy rate is found. 85) ¨ −R ¨ c the kinetic energy rate is After using Eq. 86) B Using Eqs. 87) 50 NEWTONIAN MECHANICS CHAPTER 2 The change in kinetic energy between two times is found by integrating the kinetic energy rate expression with respect to time. 89) where the first term expresses the translational work and the second term is the rotational and deformational work done on the system.

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Analytical Mechanics of Space Systems (AIAA Education) by Hanspeter Schaub, John L. Junkins

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