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New PDF release: An Enquiry Concerning the Principles of Natural Knowledge

By Alfred North Whitehead

ISBN-10: 110760012X

ISBN-13: 9781107600126

Alfred North Whitehead (1861-1947) used to be a widespread English mathematician and thinker who co-authored the hugely influential Principia Mathematica with Bertrand Russell. initially released in 1919, and primary republished in 1925 as this moment version, An Enquiry in regards to the rules of average wisdom ranks between Whitehead's most crucial works; forming a viewpoint on medical remark that included a posh view of expertise, instead of prioritising the placement of 'pure' feel information. along significant other volumes the idea that of Nature (1920) and the main of Relativity (1922), it created a framework for Whitehead's later metaphysical speculations. this is often a huge booklet that would be of price to an individual with an curiosity within the dating among technological know-how and philosophy.

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But these time-orders are not independent in the system of nature, and their correlation is known to us by means of physical measurements. N"O\" ultimately all physical measurement depends upon comcide~ce in time and place. If PI and P 2 be nvo places, the time-orders 0 1 and O2 which belong to PI and P 2 are correlated by obsen"ations of coincidences at P l and at P 2 respectively. Thus, confining ourselves to the two places PI and P 2 • there are nvo distinct processes of correlating the timeorder of events throughout the universe, namely by a series of obsen'ations of coincidences at P l based on time-order 0 1 and by a series of observations of coincidences at P 2 based on time-order O2 , These nvo processes are distinct and will only agree by some accident of special circumstance, I 1'2 What are the observations at PI \vhich will assign to an event at P 2 a position in the time-order 0 1 ?

Thus the formulae reduce to the ;\e\'\tonian type. ,Zc. 3\Ha + L3 and = C Vas -c ' . , .......... l/3=Oa/3IM,,+\ C _, ! 1. 'et and Vas \,) ; -. a , - • ........ s G ) C a. ; .............. (8) 4 50 I. ) at the time ta.. fJ2(XfJ2 + YfJ2 + ZfJ2 - c2 ) = (xa. 2 - c2) /(1 - V;/a. 1>, - c2) vanish together. This proves Einstein's theorem on the invariance of the veloc1ty c, so far as conceqlS the suffic1ency of the Lorentz1an formulae to produce that result. CHAPTER IV CO~GRLE~CE Il. Simultaneity, II'I Einstein analysed the ideas of time-ord~r and of simultaneity.

It becomes a problem to discover phenomena dependent on such velocities. Can any phenomena be detected which are unequivocally due to a quasi-absolute motion of the earth through the ether ? g. the earth and a planet, or a star. For such phenomena are evidently primarily due to the relative velocity of the two bodies to each other, and the velocities relatively to the ether only arise as a hypothetical intermediate explanatory analysis. We require phenomena concerned solely with the earth, WhICh are modified by the earth's motion through the ether without reference to any other matter.

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