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By Carl Gustav Jung

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It is not a question, as one might think, of relaxing morality itself but of making a moral effort in a different direction. For instance, a man who is not conscientious enough has to make a moral effort in order to come up to the mark; while for one who is sufficiently rooted in the world through his own efforts it is no small moral achievement to inflict defeat on his virtues by loosening his ties with the world and reducing his adaptive performance. ) Since real moral problems all begin where the penal code leaves off, their solution can seldom or never depend on precedent, much less on precepts and commandments.

The unconscious as we know can never be "done with" once and for all. It is, in fact, one of this the most important tasks of psychic hygiene to pay continual attention to the symptomatology of unconscious contents and processes, for the good reason that the conscious mind is always in danger of becoming one-sided, of keeping to well-worn paths and getting stuck in blind alleys. The complementary and com- pensating function of the unconscious ensures that these clangers, which are be avoided. especially great in neurosis, can in some measure only under ideal conditions, when life is still It is simple and unconscious enough to follow the serpentine path of instinct without hesitation or misgiving, that the compensation works with entire success.

Overcoming of this fear is often a moral achievement of unusual magnitude, and yet it is not the only condition that must on the way to a real experience of the self. shadow, the syzygy, and the self are psychic factors of which an adequate picture can be formed only on the basis of a fairly thorough experience of them. Just as these concepts arose out of an experience of reality, so they can be elucidated only by further experience. Philosophical criticism will find everything to object to in them unless it begins by recognizing that they are concerned with -facts, and that the "concept" is simply an abbreviated description or definition of these facts.

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Aion: Researches into the phenomenology of the self by Carl Gustav Jung

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