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Eugene Winograd, Ulric Neisser's Affect and Accuracy in Recall: Studies of 'Flashbulb' PDF

By Eugene Winograd, Ulric Neisser

ISBN-10: 0521030331

ISBN-13: 9780521030335

Memories of unforeseen and emotional occasions (called ''flashbulb'' thoughts) have lengthy been the topic of theoretical hypothesis. The fourth Emory Symposium on Cognition introduced jointly every body who has performed examine on stories of the Challenger explosion, so that it will achieve greater figuring out of the phenomenon of flashbulb thoughts: How do flashbulb thoughts examine with different kinds of memories? Are they surprisingly exact, or particularly long-lived? Do they replicate the job of a different mechanism, as has been instructed? The publication additionally addresses extra normal problems with impact and accuracy: Do emotion and arousal increase reminiscence? if this is the case, below what stipulations? by way of what physiological mechanisms?

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The news stories above probably seem far from ordinary. Happily, most entries in the diary database - which ended up holding 320 events, half of them news, half of them my everyday personal experiences - were far more mundane (to me, that is). 1986 What: Space shuttle exploded Who: "Challenger" 34 S. F. LARSEN Where: Jacksonville, Florida DetailQ: What was special about the crew? DetailA: There was a woman teacher among them Source: TV evening news ContextQ: What had kept me from noticing in the morning newspaper?

Those replays established a vivid and persistent visual image: Many subjects could "still see it" 2 years later. In contrast, the actual occasions of first hearing the news events usually lacked these advantages. They were brief, not visually salient, and perhaps not very interesting. Although a few subjects succeed in making personally significant narratives out of such moments (as suggested elsewhere: Neisser, 1982), many do not. What happens instead is that the original event is simply forgotten, and the more memorable one takes its place.

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