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Download PDF by Anthony Campbell MRCP(UK) FF Hom: Acupuncture in Practice: Beyond Points and Meridians, 2e

By Anthony Campbell MRCP(UK) FF Hom

ISBN-10: 075065242X

ISBN-13: 9780750652421

A realistic guide describing the foundations and perform of recent scientific acupuncture. This booklet frees the practitioner from dependence on rule of thumb and builds on current medical wisdom. Demystifying the needling approach, this publication demonstrates quickly yet potent remedy of these problems for which acupuncture is appropriate.

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Practitioners of traditional acupuncture sometimes use a ‘plum blossom hammer’; this is a mallet with short needles set in its face, which allows scarification of the skin over an area. Sterilization of these instruments is difficult. 44 Acupuncture in Practice Types of needles Needles may be supplied with a guide tube or ‘introducer’. This is a plastic tube in which the needle is lightly fixed. The tube is slightly shorter than the needle so that the tip of the handle projects above the top of the tube, where it may be held in place by a little plastic wedge.

For this reason they should not be inserted ‘up to the hilt’. Apart from this, however, they are easy to insert. Students sometimes ask if they should swab the skin before inserting the needle. The evidence that this makes any difference to the chance of infection is scanty and the weight of opinion these days is that it is unnecessary, although it may be advisable if the skin is visibly dirty. If you apply alcohol, allow enough time for it to evaporate before inserting the needle, otherwise the patient will experience stinging.

We are implying that there is some kind of ethereal spirit floating above the body and brain that somehow introduces a false perception of pain into the system. Such dualistic thinking is very unpopular today in science and in modern psychology, so it is odd that many doctors still speak as if it were valid in the context of pain. In the nineteenth century the anatomist Hughlings Jackson advanced the idea that the nervous system is built as a hierarchy. At the lowest level we have the spinal cord; above this there is the brain stem, then the central parts of the brain (hypothalamus and thalamus), and finally the resplendent cortex, the proudest acquisition of humans, sitting atop it all and acting as the ultimate authority.

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Acupuncture in Practice: Beyond Points and Meridians, 2e by Anthony Campbell MRCP(UK) FF Hom

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