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Acupuncture in Clinical Practice: A guide for health by Nadia Ellis PDF

By Nadia Ellis

ISBN-10: 0412478803

ISBN-13: 9780412478802

ISBN-10: 1489945458

ISBN-13: 9781489945457

Acupuncture is now practised commonly during the international. a few use acupuncture for its soreness relieving results, and others use it as a part of conventional chinese language drugs. This e-book addresses either points of acupuncture and demonstrates its functional software in medical therapy. this is often the 1st ebook on acupuncture written for physiotherapists and actual rehabilitation practitioners, and can be appropriate for reference for acupuncture scholars.

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This would be KI 3 (taixi) in the kidney meridian. g. BL 64 (jinggu) in the bladder meridian. 5 He-se or ho point Different schools of acupuncture use the term he-se or ho point. There is no difference in what the two words describe, but in this text the word ho will be used. e. nearest the knee or elbow. Beyond this point the meridians pass deep into the tissues and are more difficult to 'tap'. The qi in the meridian concentrates on this point and thus its major function is to facilitate the passage of qi through the meridian.

It is also useful for local shoulder problems. It should be needled with great care as the lung lies immediately beneath this point. 5 em towards lateral aspect of chest. • LU 5 Chize, Ho (he-se), sedative point. Location: on the lateral aspect of the anterior elbow crease lateral to the biceps tendon. Indications: General: eliminates pulmonary heat. Particular: this is a point to use in local problems or for sore throat and respiratory disorders. It can also be used as a remote point when other points on the lung channel are being treated.

Empty In this case there would not be pain on superficial pressure but there would be pain on deep palpation of the area and joint movement would be painful. This indicates a penetration of perverse energy into the main meridian. (b) Treatment of tendino-muscular (TM) disorders Full Superficial needling of ah shi (tender) points is indicated to sedate the TM meridian, accompanied by supplying of the main meridian, either by using the yuan (source) point or the tonification point. Empty In this situation the main meridian should be sedated and the TM meridian supplied.

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Acupuncture in Clinical Practice: A guide for health professionals by Nadia Ellis

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