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Download e-book for iPad: A Treasury of Science by Harlow Shapley, Samuel Rapport, Helen Wright

By Harlow Shapley, Samuel Rapport, Helen Wright


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Duden-Taschenbücher: Band 13: Duden, mahlen oder malen? by Wolfgang Mentrup PDF

Wer erinnert sich nicht an die scherzhafte Aufgabe, die beiden Satze Der Miiller mahlt. Der Maler malt. in einen Satz zusammenzufassen und niederzuschreiben? Wer gerat nicht ins Stocken, wenn er die shape er gibt (oder: er giebt? ) schreiben will und ihm einfiillt, daB ergiebig doch mit ie geschrieben wird?

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Four o'clock! Why, there was no train until seven No train for three hours! The eggs would spoil! Then with a rush it came over me that this was Sunday morning, and there was no regular seven o'clock train none "I could still wait. fields, floated four mellow so I waited, strokes 1 till after nine. "I think crawling I off. I should have fainted had not the turtle just then begun was weak and dizzy; but there, there in the sand, were the And Agassiz! And the great book! And I cleared the fence, and the miles that lay between me and Cambridge, at a single jump.

To the tick. " of the great book. I am proud of the 79/0 The Aims and Methods of Science THE METHODS OF ACQUIRING KNOWLEDGE ROGER BACON ARE TWO METHODS IN WHICH -^ WE ACQUIRE argument and experiment. g. prove by satisfactory if man who had any argument that discovered by is never seen fire were to burns and destroys things, the nor would he avoid fire; until by fire mind would not rest satisfied, hand or some combustible thing into it, he proved by actual experiment what the argument laid down; but after the experiment has been made, his mind receives certainty and rests in the possession of hearer's putting his which could not be given by argument but only by experience.

Here I was, face and clothes caked with yellow mud, my hair wild and matted, my hat gone, and in my full-grown hands a tiny tin pail of sand, as if I had been digging all night with a tiny tin shovel on the shore! And thus to appear But captors. in the decent streets of Boston of a Sunday morning! hunted criminal. The situation was serious, or began at its best. I must in some rather and desperately funny way might be, have shown my new fears, for both men watched me more sharply. to feel like a "I "Suddenly, as down we were and came to a stop.

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A Treasury of Science by Harlow Shapley, Samuel Rapport, Helen Wright

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