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Download PDF by Feuer A.R.: A comparison of the programming languages C and Pascal

By Feuer A.R.

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Php class emailException extends Exception { function __construct($message) { echo “There was an error sending your email:
”; echo $message; } } function sendEmail($to, $subject, $message) { if ($to == NULL) 3 Chapter 1 { throw new emailException (“Recipient email address is NULL”); } mail($to, $subject, $message); } try { sendEmail(“”, “Exception Testing”, “We are testing the exception handling in PHP5”); } catch (emailException $e) { echo “ in file ” . $e->getFile() . “”; echo “ on line ” .

Interfaces, in a nutshell, are a way to specify what methods a class must explicitly implement. This is useful when dealing with many interconnected objects that rely on the specific methods of one another. By using interfaces, you can specify a specific set of methods for different interchangeable classes to share. That way, if you ever need to replace functionality contained within a class in your program, all you have to do is make sure the replacement class implements the same interface, or group of functions, that the original exposed.

Setrawcookie(): Equivalent to setcookie() without a URL encode of the value. ❑ snmp_read_mib(): Reads and parses a MIB file into the active MIB tree. ❑ sqlite_fetch_column_types(): Returns applicable column types from a given table. ❑ str_split(): Splits a string into an array of characters. ❑ stream_copy_to_stream(): Copies data between streams and returns the amount of data copied. ❑ stream_get_line(): Similar to fgets() but allows named delimiter. ❑ stream_socket_accept(): Accepts a connection on a socket created from a previous use of the stream_socket_server() function.

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A comparison of the programming languages C and Pascal by Feuer A.R.

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