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Download e-book for iPad: A6M Zero in action by Shigeru Nohara

By Shigeru Nohara

ISBN-10: 0897471415

ISBN-13: 9780897471411

Завершая выкладывать (имеющееся у меня) публикации о японских ВВС времен Второй мировой войны, предлагаю вниманию заинтересованных читателей англоязычное издание о самолете A6M 0. Выпуск богато иллюстрирован, и даже слабо разбирающиеся в английском языке читатели найдут для себя что-то интересное. Дополнительную пикантность публикации придает то, что автор текста и части иллюстраций - японец.

Ещё о A6M Zero:
Война в воздухе № three: A6M Zero

Ещё о японских ВВС на сайте:
Война в воздухе № four: Японские асы. Армейская авиация.
Война в воздухе № 15: Японские асы. Морская авиация.
Война в воздухе № 23: Ki forty three Hayabusa. Основной истребитель японских ВВС. Часть1
Война в воздухе № 24: Ki forty three Hayabusa. Основной истребитель японских ВВС. Часть2
Война в воздухе № 25: D3A Val, B5N Kate Ударные самолеты японского флота.

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When incorporated into components like tailplanes and control surfaces, it was usually an efficient low-weight material, even on high-performance aircraft. Later, developers conceived aircraft with airframes made largely of wood, mainly in order to save valuable aluminum. This tendency started in the construction of transport planes. Junkers, a firm that pioneered the use of stressed metal skins in aircraft design, developed in 1940–1941 the Ju 252 as a new transport aircraft made of metal. It was supposed to replace the old Ju 52 airliner and transporter, which was also made of metal.

The production process was 32 Arming the Luftwaffe A model of modern production. Final assembly of B-24 bombers at Henry Ford’s “Willow Run” factory. Although a model of streamlining and efficiency, “Willow Run” also proved that producing aircraft was much more difficult than producing cars (courtesy National Air and Space Museum, Smithsonian Institution, SI 90-13145). sectionalized into a large number of stations called Takte. Assembly of the main component began on one end, and parts and components were added as it moved along the line on a conveyor belt or cradles, until a complete product appeared on the other end of the line.

By the end of October 1942 not much had been done, and the chairman of the Aero Engine Main Committee, Dr. Wilhelm Werner, urged to hasten the construction of conveyor-belt production lines in all aero-engine factories. 114 Only in late 1942 did firms like Daimler-Benz started to convert their production to flow production with the aim of increasing monthly output to 1,000 engines. 115 BMW’s conversion started in earnest only in early 1943 under the leadership of Erich Zipprich, chairman of the BMW engines Special Committee, and was viewed as one of the main ways to enable the straggling firm to finally fulfill its output quotas.

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