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Read e-book online 25 Natural Ways to Relieve Headaches : A Mind-Body Approach PDF

By Romy Fox

ISBN-10: 0658013750

ISBN-13: 9780658013751

American citizens spend greater than $4 billion a yr on over the counter headache treatments. This much-needed booklet examines the numerous different types of complications, is helping establish their explanations, and gives secure choices for headache therapy and prevention. From nutrients to meditation, therapeutic massage and homeopathy, here's the final word source for treating state-of-the-art complications and fighting tomorrow's.

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And you will never know which ones bother you and which ones don’t. CLEAR THE AIR It’s not just the cleaning products that can cause problems: hair spray, air fresheners, soaps, aftershave, perfumes, cosmetics, moisturizers, and other common items may also be to blame. If your headaches are fairly new or have gotten worse or more frequent recently, ask your- Purify Your Environment 23 self if you’ve brought something new into the house, like a new sofa, new carpeting, or even newly dry-cleaned clothes.

Put the mask over your nose and mouth, and inhale the oxygen at the rate of about 8 liters per minute. Continue inhaling for at least 15 to 20 minutes, longer if necessary, but limit your oxygen intake to a maximum of 1 hour per day. Before using oxygen therapy, however, check with your doctor. Those with respiratory problems may not be candidates for this treatment.

Studies have shown that as many as three out of four migraineurs can reduce the frequency of their headaches by at least 50 percent simply by practicing thermal biofeedback twice a day. In fact, thermal biofeedback is believed to be one of the most effective ways to prevent migraines that’s currently available. The idea behind thermal biofeedback is that by consciously redirecting the flow of blood to the finger and making its temperature rise, you can ease your body into a more relaxed state. The more relaxed you are, the warmer your finger temperature, so it’s easy to gauge your level of relaxation.

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